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My One Minute Song Project

In early 2020, the bottom dropped out of the world for many working musicians when Covid-19 deprived us of our passion, our livelihood and ...

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Out Of Order

Hey, obviously the songs are in reverse order. I’ve tried many times to get them to post the other way but it’s defeated me. I don’t think it makes a lot of difference to be fair. 

One Minute Song Project - Five Seconds Too Long

Well, it had to happen eventually, I overran! I was working out how many bars I had for the BPM while watching SNL videos on YouTube, so that's probably not a good idea.

Anyway, the version that got posted to social media got cut off before the end but that's ok, the whole thing is here. It's an entirely made up story about an entirely made up situation, but I write so much about enjoying the moment I thought I'd do something about regret to redress the balance a bit.

Here’s the YouTube link

One Minute Song Project - Sometimes When They Call You Hero

Firstly and most importantly, the artwork here is by my old friend Chris Hannah. Millions of thanks to him. 

So this is a song about Bruce Wayne but not really. A lot of people at time of writing were being called “heroes” for various reasons, not all of them kind. I'm all for praising those on the front line, but the word seems to imbue the recepient with a degree of self-sacrifice that is neither welcome or necessary, while at the same time absolving those in charge of responsibility to care for those who are doing the actual work.

My vocals are a bit wobbly on this, a combination of a really high pollen count and some lyrics squeezed in that maybe should have been rewritten. I like it though, these are just meant to be sketches, and it defeats the point if I drive myself mad going for perfection. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Here’s the YouTube link -

One Minute Song Poject - Never Lost My Faith

Just a funky groove that I came up with. I found some words knocking about my old notes from ages ago and made them fit. I think it’s about not losing hope because something doesn’t go well. 

Quick note on the videos, I'm not under any illusions about my visual art skills, it's really just a case of finding something to put the music to so i can post it to social media.

One Minute Song Project - Try To Stay Alive

A 12 bar bash seemed appropriate on the week that we lost Little Richard, and some ridiculous lyrics seemed appropriate on the day that we got such mad, confusing advice from the clowns who are supposed to be running the show.

Here’s the YouTube link

One Minute Song Project - Find His Mind

A song about sleeplessness. It was originally a LOT darker but I thought better of it. Recording vocals is still a ... challenge.

One Minute Song Project - Lily's Painting Stones

The first one. I just started writing about what people around me were doing. I passed a house where a girl was selling painted stones for NHS charities so I took that for a title. Wobbly vocals as I find my way around Garage Band on the iPad.

My One Minute Song Project

In early 2020, the bottom dropped out of the world for many working musicians when Covid-19 deprived us of our passion, our livelihood and our audience. After a few weeks of not being able to even look at a guitar or a microphone, I decided that I was either a musician or I wasn't, and if I was going to continue I had better make some music.

I decided to create a series of one minute songs to keep me creative in the gig-drought and to improve my (rudimentary at best) home recording skills.

If you've not heard me before, please go and have a listen to my actual album Lychnobite on Spotify. These are sketches, and me finding my way with making music at home, but I hope you enjoy them

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